Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making a routine stick

It's hard for me to start a routine and make it stick. I tend to get caught up in something else, and forget what I was working on. This blog is no different. I find that calendar items and to do items seem to help, but even then I get sidetracked.
Importance of the task helps to keep me motivated. Asking, "How important is this to me?", helps me to stay focused. The act of dish washing is not very important to me, but preparing food in a clean kitchen is important. Enjoyment also helps. I enjoy swimming, cycling and running, so it is easier to get going to do those things. Having a goal also helps.
Specific goals do more good for me than general ones. The more specific I am, the better. Goals like "lose weight" do no good, but goals like "lose 10 pounds so that cycling up hills is easier", make a difference. Dates also add to the adherence factor.
Not everything routine is fun, but when I schedule, attach meaning, get specific and create a goal, tasks become empowering.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day to day

The day to day is getting to me. I mean the daily activities that get old, but if not planned, don't get done. Laundry, dishes, cleanup, etc... I'm happy for todo items, but it would be cool if mine consisted of something more exciting than: "Mop bedroom".
I usually have to set a time limit to my tasks, so that I don't get carried away or distracted.
Twenty minutes in each room seems to work for me, if I am consistent. If I miss a day, things start to get out of whack. It takes me longer to do things, and I get distracted easily. Kids, specifically, four year-olds, don't help matters either. I don't think I am alone on this...