Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hiatus over, I think

I haven't written in six months. I guess I got busy. I forgot. I got used to seeing (and promptly closing) my blog home page. I didn't have anything to write about. Whatever the excuse, here I am again. Perhaps I should examine what got me writing today. I suppose guilt has a share. Guilt which became a kind of sadness, which spawned a desire to write something. Anything. Well, I did it. Not much substance at this point. I can say that I have been getting better at using mnemonic devices and association to remember things, especially names. I try to look the other person in the eye when they say their name. I repeat it, and then come up with a rhyme, story or associate their name with another place or thing. Sometimes it can be silly, but I always keep it to myself. Don't want to sound too kooky. My daughters are getting into their school routines, and I am trying to be more efficient about scheduling my time. I get distracted easily. I think this will be all for today. Don't want to push it. Peace out everyone!

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