Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I get so distracted being on the internet, like most activities I do. Luckily, I have a few tools to help me not get so distracted. One being setting aside time to allow myself to surf any way I choose. I installed ad block software called Adblock Plus. It blocks those annoying ads, and you can even block images you don't want to see.
For me, most any image is enough to have me off on some crazy tangent. I try to set a timer for most of my activities around the house by and large. I tend to get wrapped up in doing something, and lose track of time. With kids, that can get to be annoying at the least. Dinner will be late, chores won't get done, and pretty soon the house is in total disarray.
This wasn't an issue before my head injury. Many times I forget what I was going to do, and while I'm trying to remember, something else grabs my attention. I really wouldn't be able to get much done, without alerts telling me to move on. I tend to get "stuck" on doing something, and it's hard to break off. I need a signal to help stay on track.

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