Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm tired. Got up at 6, went for a swim at the gym. I came home and woke the girls up, got Mia ready for school. Made coffee, breakfast, lunch for Mia. Made a smoothie for Chloe, Mia and I. Mia ate a bite of oatmeal and a sip of smoothie. I drank some coffee.
Got Mia in the car, drove her to pre-school. Went to the car wash, vacuumed the car out and washed it. Came home. Made the bed, cleaned the room, loaded the dishwasher. Started work on a website I'm helping my wife with.
Went to pick up Mia, came home, ate lunch, did laundry and cleaned out basement work area a bit. Folded laundry. Checked email, short chat with Frank. Started dinner. Chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, salad and garlic biscuits.
The day isn't over yet...

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